White Paper & Ebook Services

White Paper and Ebook Copywriting Services

“Hi Claire

One word: WOW! ​Well done. ​

So pleased with your content!”

Luciana Scorfani Green, Italian Interpreter

Our white paper and ebook copywriting services can help you to win business by establishing you as the experts in your industry.

White papers and ebooks add value to your prospects by solving their problems and educating them about your industry, leading them towards a buying decision.

White papers and ebooks should not directly sell your product or service. They should not sound or look like brochures. The aim is to build your prospects’ trust so they are compelled to contact you when the time is right.

What’s the difference between white papers and ebooks?

If you want a broad overview of a topic then you might read an ebook. If you want to know more about a specific area of that topic you might choose a white paper. Ebooks tend to be a light, easy read whereas white papers tend to illustrate detailed points with data and diagrams.

Some businesses produce both white papers and ebooks, whereas others lend themselves more towards one format than the other.

What are the advantages of white papers and ebooks?

White papers and ebooks are more likely than any other type of content to move prospects towards a buying decision. A DemandGen report listed white papers and ebooks amongst the leading types of content used to make business-to-business purchasing decisions:

White papers (82%)

Ebooks (67%)

High-quality ebooks and white papers will be shared amongst people, raising awareness of your brand in the process. They can also be used for building mailing lists of qualified leads by putting them behind a ‘gate’ so people submit their email addresses in return.

Why do you need white paper or ebook copywriting services?

White papers and ebooks are time consuming and tricky to research and write.

If you would like to produce a white paper or an ebook but do not have a topic idea, we can help you. We can find out what your potential clients are interested in by conducting surveys, carrying out keyword research and employing a range of other content strategy methods.

If you do know the subject of your white paper or ebook then we will get to grips with your subject matter quickly. We have worked with a wide range of businesses and we know what questions to ask to get a thorough understanding.

Our skill is translating complex information into an engaging narrative that readers can grasp straightaway.

What is the cost of an ebook or white paper writing service?

A white paper or ebook of 2,000 – 2,500 pages long costs £350 for copywriting only.

We can also work with you to design your white paper or ebook using Canva, so you have a finished product. Our rates are competitive.