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Website Copywriting Services

“Claire did a brilliant job creating the copy I requested for my website…The team at Enjoy EY is now extremely proud to be affiliated with this work.”

Anneka Russell, Early Years Consultancy

Website copywriting needs to grab your reader’s attention immediately. The order in which information appears is critical – you have just a few seconds to make an impact. Every word must be scrutinized for value because clarity is more important than ever. 

What do website copywriting services include?

As with all online content, carefully crafted headings and hooks are vital (the hook is the sentence just below the headline). According to a study carried out by Microsoft, the average person has an attention span of just 8 seconds. There is some debate about the validity of this claim, but it is still worth bearing in mind that your website is competing for attention in a noisy world.

A reader-friendly (and therefore search engine friendly) webpage will begin with a heading that clearly tells the visitor what the page is about. For homepages I use headline analyser tools to craft headings that entice visitors to read on.

We take the time to write creative ‘calls to action’ that persuade visitors to take the next step – whether that’ s subscribing to your newsletter or finding out more about a particular service you offer. Interest is turned into action and visitors into clients.

Our website copywriting services include search engine optimisation (SEO). Your site will rank higher on search engines so you attract more visitors to your website. We apply Google’s ranking standards to every page of website copy we write.

As well as identifying the best keyword for your webpage to target, we research your competitors’ websites to find out what interests your potential clients and how to create a unique and better page for you. To learn more about the techniques we use to increase search engine visibility see SEO Copywriting Services

Why choose our website copywriting services?

As with all the content we write, quality is everything. We understand that to compete on the internet your webpages must stand above your competitors’ websites. That means providing valuable information that is a pleasure to read. We carefully proofread and edit every word and pay attention to detail.

As a team of professional web content writers, we can promise you clear, engaging website copy that draws visitors in and keeps them coming back.

Web copywriting rates

Web copywriting rates include all the research necessary – including keyword research – to ensure your webpages achieve your marketing goals. Typically a 500-word webpage costs £60.

Please contact us for an accurate quote tailored to your project.