Terms & Conditions



Work is subject to the following terms and conditions. In order for me to begin your project, I need you to confirm that you have read and agree to these terms.

Contract Relationship

The relationship between myself and the client is that of ‘independent contractor’.  This means that my time is limited to the project including any consultation time warranted by the project.

Quoted Fee

Fees are quoted on a fixed cost basis. This cost will include an initial briefing meeting, all necessary drafts, and any advice and consultation by telephone or email as needed.  his fee does not include out-of-pocket travel expenses. Additional work on the project, resulting from a change in the agreed brief may incur an additional charge.

The Brief

The brief will be supplied by you so that I can begin the project.  Depending upon the project, a face-to-face meeting and further email/telephone conversations may be required.  Once the brief has been agreed we will agree a delivery schedule.

Client Confidentiality

I will not disclose any confidential client information and I am happy to sign a nondisclosure agreement if necessary. I will do my best to ensure that any information with which I am entrusted remains secure at all times.

Delivery Deadlines

I will make every effort to ensure that your project is delivered on time. However, should I be unable to do so due to reasons beyond my control, I shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to yourself or a third-party client. Meeting the deadlines also depends on the time it takes for you to provide feedback on the draft versions. I shall not be held liable for any delay that is a direct result of feedback delays.

Factual, spelling or grammatical errors

I always proofread my work to ensure that it is typographically, grammatically and factually accurate.  However, I cannot guarantee that every project is completely free from errors.  The responsibility for the final proof-reading lies with you and you agree to indemnify me against any loss or damage caused by inaccuracies that are published.

Payment Terms

All invoices are sent electronically, unless otherwise agreed.  Payments must be made within 28 days of invoicing. Unless otherwise agreed, invoices will be issued on your acceptance of the final draft of the project. For larger projects I will arrange with you staggered payments to be made when I meet project milestones. I reserve the right to charge interest on payments that are overdue by more than 14 days. Interest will be charged in line with the UK Government’s Prompt Payment Code.


Once final payment has been received, the copyright of any material that I have written will pass to you. You confirm that you own the copyright for any draft or other written materials that you supply to me to incorporate within your project. Should there be a copyright dispute between you and a third party, I am indemnified against any claim that is made with regards to a breach of copyright.


Should you choose to cancel the project after the start date, I reserve the right to charge you on a pro rata basis for the amount of work that has already been completed.

Client Satisfaction

My goal is to supply you with copy that meets your specifications and standards. If after the first draft has been submitted you feel that I have not met your requirements then the contract between us will be cancelled and no payment will be due. I will retain the copyright to any material that I have produced.


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