SEO Copywriting Services

SEO copywriting is about making sure that search engine robots like Google can find your page so potential customers know you exist. 

Great SEO copywriters incorporate phrases your customer might search for naturally within the content of your pages.  The skill here is to:


  • identify likely key phrases

  • make sure key phrases don’t disrupt the cohesiveness and flow of the text

  • incorporate phrases in the most effective places within the text

  • not overuse key phrases as this can result in search engine rejection (once rejected, it is not easy to make a comeback!)


Nothing is worse for readers than a website that is stuffed with key words: ‘For healthy loaves of bread visit Happyloaf! At Happyloaf we make it our mission to deliver healthy loaves of bread to our customers every day. Healthy loaves are the key to a healthy life’. This is a ridiculous example, but you get the idea.


Whilst it’s true that large companies with big budgets have an advantage when it comes to reaching the top of Google, there are still many ways that smaller companies can compete.

Your first step on the road to SEO is to research the most appropriate keywords. I can help you with this. Once keywords are identified I will write the engaging copy that you require.


Remember: SEO copywriting isn’t limited to websites but to all writing that appears on the Internet, including blog posts.

Web design and SEO

Do you need a website for your business? Do you already have a website but feel it needs refreshing? Are you looking to improve your search engine ranking (SEO)?

I work in partnership with We Get Digital, a web design and SEO agency in North London, to provide a comprehensive website development service.

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