Why hire a blog writing agency?


Why hire a blog writing agency

Content marketing is an essential part of running any business – online or offline. If the right content is visible to the right people, you can drive traffic, generate leads, and boost sales.

Writing blog posts is a key part of any company’s content marketing and SEO strategy, but if you decide to do-it-yourself it’s time-consuming and unlikely to help you meet your business goals.

That’s why so many businesses hire outside help to create blog posts. A blog writing agency can handle the responsibility of creating regular, SEO-friendly content so that you can focus on your business. If you’re still asking yourself, “Why hire a blog writing agency?” here are some advantages to keep in mind.

Key benefits of hiring a blog writing agency

Improved SEO

You’ve probably heard of search engine optimisation – or SEO. You may already know that having a blog is crucial if you want your website to appear highly on Google results pages. If the aim of your blog posts is to drive traffic to your website, then SEO-research is critical.

A blog writing agency can identify and research keywords on which to base your blog posts. They can write SEO-friendly blog posts that are genuinely interesting for your readers and enhance your brand by building trust and authority.

Consistent content

If your last blog post was three years ago, it won’t help you score a top spot on search engine results pages. Running a business is time-consuming, so writing blog posts probably isn’t your top priority. If you want to reap the benefits of a website blog, you need consistent, scheduled content.

Experts suggest that 4-5 blog posts a week is ideal, although smaller businesses may want to start small and aim for 1-2 a week (HubSpot). The responsibility of producing this content can easily be handed over to a blog writing agency. They can come up with topics, write content, and work to a schedule that suits you.

Build backlinks

High-quality blog posts are one way to build backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites to your website and they help boost your search engine ranking. This is an essential part of any business’s content marketing strategy. Google states that content and link building are the two most important ranking factors (Search Engine Land).

Generating backlinks isn’t easy. It requires a consistent production of outstanding, shareable content. Not only can a blog writing agency ensure you are creating the quality content needed to generate backlinks, but they can also use their industry connections to score guest posts on other websites. When you post a guest blog on someone else’s website and include a link to your website it’s SEO gold (as long as the website is well ranked by Google).

More time to focus on your business

Writing blog posts on a regular basis takes a long time. It’s difficult and it takes you away from focusing on other aspects of your business.

With a blog writing agency, you can have regular, consistent, high-quality blog content without needing to spend hours of your own time writing it. You can focus on other revenue-driving parts of your business.

Blog writing agency vs. freelancers: which is best?

This post has offered some answers to the question “why hire a blog writing agency?” but you may still be wondering if it’s worth hiring an agency over an individual freelancer. Here are some points to consider:

  • If you work with a single freelancer, you rely on them for your regular content. If they are ill or too busy to complete work on time, your content marketing strategy won’t be as effective. Blog writing agencies have a team of specialists and writers so content is always being created and systems are in place to hold them accountable if deadlines are not met.
  • Variety of services. Blog writing agencies often do more than just blog writing. They can handle many aspects of your content marketing strategy, including distribution, research, and other types of content like emails and social media posts.
  • Standardised rates. With freelancers, you may need to constantly renegotiate rates for different projects. Blog writing agencies will have a standard rate for all clients and can provide a budget for your strategy.
  • Large capacity. Freelancers are often juggling multiple clients and have a finite capacity. This also means freelancers can struggle to meet a last-minute deadline if you need content quickly. Blog writing agencies have more staff and therefore can handle large orders and work quickly.



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