What is an education content writer?


An education content writer (or copywriter) works with many different organisations in the education and training sector:

  • Business training organisations

  • Education recruitment agencies

  • Independent education consultants

  • Nurseries, schools, colleges and universities

  • Tutoring agencies.

What materials can an education content writer create?

An education content writer can produce most materials, including:

  • Beautifully crafted prospectuses

  • Blog posts and social media posts that attract people to your website

  • Clear, engaging training materials

  • Course descriptions that attract the right students

  • Easy-to-follow lesson plans

  • Funding applications that are detailed and thorough

  • Memorable advertisements

  • Targeted website copy.

Purpose first

An education content writer crafts copy with a purpose. That purpose might be to present your organisation in the best light to attract students, parents, or sponsors.

From the outset, the copywriter must be very clear about who you are writing for and what you aim to achieve.

Do you want a brochure to attract prospective parents?

Your copywriter will think: ‘What do parents want to hear?’

They could write about how your school values every child as an individual so they feel respected, happy, and safe. Perhaps they will explain that this is achieved through a personalised, broad curriculum and the commitment and skills of individual staff.

A nursery school brochure might talk about how children learn through play, focusing on particular activities like weighing ingredients in a mud kitchen or walking in the woods to spot signs of animal life.

Do you need website copy that promotes your organisation?

If you are a school, the aim of your website might be to attract new admissions and to demonstrate your values and children’s achievements to Ofsted.

It is important to have a range of high-quality, user-friendly content that is both helpful to your school community and creates a positive image of your school.

Do you need investment?

Are you seeking sponsorship to improve your facilities? For example, a new library.

An education copywriter can help you to persuade the businesses you approach that they will see a return on their investment.

An education content writer gets to know your organisation

A good education content writer will take the time to understand the ethos and priorities of your organisation by talking to staff and students beforehand.

The copywriter will discover your organisation’s strengths in order to promote them.  Does your organisation have visible, quality leadership? Are there high expectations of staff and students?  Do students feel secure and are they motivated?

This research means that a plethora of publicity material can be produced for all different audiences.

Why is high-quality content vital?

High-quality content is the lifeblood of your organisation. Through content, you attract new people to your website and build trust and confidence.

An education content writer will optimise online copy for search engines so that you can easily be found. Find out how SEO content writing is created by visiting my SEO Copywriting Services page.

Do you need an experienced education content writer?

Are you an education professional who needs content for their website or blog posts?

As an ex-teacher and education marketing writer I can help you.

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