7 tips for writing landing page copy that converts


Landing pages drive your sales, so it’s essential they are well-written. Weak landing page copy leads to a high bounce rate, lowering your Google ranking.

A landing page is a webpage on which you capture a potential customer’s information. An effective landing page will target a specific type of person eg. someone who wants to enroll in your online course or buy your latest e-book.

Your landing page must offer your prospect something of value in exchange for sharing their information with you.

Here are our tips for writing landing page copy that converts – marketing gold.

1. Create user-friendly landing pages

People like simplicity. Landing pages that are over-complicated drive them away. Focus on the benefits of your product or service and how it will enhance your prospect’s life.

Make sure language is accessible. Too much jargon, too many complicated words, and very long sentences stretch patience.

Landing pages do not need to be short, but they do need to be easy to read. You can use structural devices to help your prospect to scan efficiently.

writing landing page copy that converts

2. Remember benefits over features

What’s the difference between features and benefits?

Take an umbrella. Its stand-out feature might be a vented fabric canopy (a fact that’s pretty boring in itself). The benefit of this feature for the customer is that they will always stay dry because the umbrella won’t turn inside out in strong winds.

Your landing page should fulfill a wish or sell a lifestyle by offering your prospect something they’ve always wanted. Travel websites are particularly good at painting idyllic pictures which address a need for relaxation and tranquility, or excitement and adventure.

Remember: people always want to know: ‘What’s in it for me?’

3. Write a clear call to action

Once you’ve won your prospect over, make it easy for them to get in touch with you. Have a thoughtfully placed call to action button with a strong verb: ‘Try it free’, ‘Get started free,’ ‘Sign up now’.

4 . Compelling headlines are vital

Cryptic headlines are a no-no. People want to know what your product or service is without having to work it out. They are not interested in cleverness because they don’t have time. Grab attention with the personal pronoun ‘you’, or by using compelling verbs.

A headline should immediately tell the prospect what’s in it for them. Think of the most important benefit of your product or service – that is the content of your headline. Never, ever promise something you cannot deliver as that kills brand trust.

When writing your headline find the strongest, most likely key phrase potential customers will type into a search engine to find your product or service and use it. To find key phrases use Google Keyword Planner

For more, see How to write headlines that sell.

5. Provide evidence for your claims

Demonstrate that your product or service works by including facts, figures and/or statistics. Select information carefully by thinking to yourself, ‘What will compel my prospect to take action?’ Don’t bombard your prospect with unnecessary information or they will click and go.

Also see ‘Testimonials’ below.

6. Show you are friendly and customer-focussed

converts landing page copyYour prospect wants to know that you are human. Adopt a warm tone to your writing without coming across as unprofessional. You want them to relate to your brand and to interact with it and having an approachable, friendly manner helps you to stand apart from your competitors.

Don’t use brash sales techniques. Nobody likes to feel they are being bullied and manipulated into buying. Focus on building trust and respect for your brand.

Keep sentences short and break grammatical rules if needed in order to make your writing personable. However, don’t make spelling mistakes or use structures that are clearly incorrect, for example ‘should of’ instead of ‘should have’. Always remember that your brand is judged on the quality of your writing. Shoddy writing might equate to a shoddy product in your prospect’s mind.

Our blog post, Does grammar, spelling and punctuation really matter? talks about does and don’ts.

7. Include testimonials

A potential customer wants proof that your product or service works well – use testimonials to your full advantage.

It goes without saying that all testimonials must be genuine. If they’re not, and you are caught, your brand integrity is destroyed.

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