Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is an effective method of selling your products or services straight to your customers. It is targeted and cost-effective.


Best of all, it can be tested so you know what works and what changes to make in future.


My writing services include:

  • direct mail

  • e-newsletters

  • sales letters.

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Direct Mail

I can help your direct mail campaign with sales copy that:


  • appeals to the emotions of your readers, clearly communicating how your product or service meets their needs

  • includes a powerful headline, easy-to-skim sub-headings, testimonials, and a persuasive call to action

  • finishes with a P.S. because readers scan straight to the end of a letter (even those who don’t routinely skip to the last page of every novel!).


A newsletter helps to establish your brand and build a loyal following. It keeps your customers up-to-date with your special offers and new developments.


People are more likely to open your newsletter if they think they will benefit from it. It must answer your customers’ needs and solve their problems.


A successful newsletter:


  • is personalised

  • has an enticing subject line

  • is informative with plenty of links to your website

  • delivers digestible, bite-size content that can be swiftly scanned by your customers at their convenience.

Sales Emails

Are you searching for sales email writing to generate leads or to keep your prospects engaged?


Sales emails are a cost-effective marketing method which work brilliantly when targeted at specific groups of people.


  • Exceptional writing is crucial. To stop your readers instantly pressing ‘delete’ your email must immediately communicate what’s in it for them.

  • Avoid turn-off words and phrases like ‘urgent!’, ‘free!’ and ‘look no further!’ People (and spam filters) are too clever. The subject line must be informative, communicating the key benefits of your offering in as few words as possible.

  • The benefits of your service or product must be clear and tailored to the readers’ needs.

  • There needs to be a clear ‘call to action’ so that your recipient knows exactly what to do next.


I will ensure the content of your sales email is targeted, easy for a busy person to scan - providing the incentive to act now.

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